Resilience Barometer: Build Resilience, Protect Value

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Key Points:
  1. FTI Consulting’s 2020 Resilience Barometer highlights how G20 countries are preparing for emerging risks and crises that threaten revenue, value and reputation in 2020.phics, environment and globalisation prompt leaders to reverse-engineer their company’s trajectory.
  2. The report measures the resilience of companies from all G20 countries against 18 regulatory, operational, cultural, leadership and technological threats.
  3. As businesses continue to confront cybersecurity, financial crimes and regulatory threats in 2020, they remain largely unprepared.
  4. New technologies such as AI, Machine learning and blockchain are enabling companies to enhance resilience.
  5. 7 of all the countries with above average resilience are in emerging markets.
  6. Most resilient companies have embedded sustainability into their business models and decision making structures and engage with a range of stakeholders to prepare for related risks.
  7. Companies must embrace technology transformation to remain viable and fight new threats.
Author: FTI Consulting
Published: 2020
Focus: #resilience #growth #statistics